Our Team

The team from Saint Pierre restaurant at One Fullerton

Our team at Saint Pierre boasts talent from around the world. Despite varied backgrounds, they share a common passion for their art – be it culinary or service, a drive for perfection and an unwavering belief in the philosophies that define Saint Pierre. From exquisite gastronomic creations to the regular crumbing of the table and replacement of napkins when a guest leaves the seat, each member plays an essential part in providing guests with the full Saint Pierre experience: a unique and cherished memory afforded by only the most qualified and best fine dining establishments.

Emmanuel Stroobant

Grand Chef Relais & Châteaux
Emmanuel Stroobant 01 (Reduced)

Born in Liege, Belgium, Chef Emmanuel Stroobant began cooking professionally since 1985. Trained in French classical technique, he has travelled the world honing his knowledge and expertise in the culinary arts, while seeking his true self. This journey of self-improvement, knowledge and wisdom culminated in Saint Pierre – not just a restaurant, but an homage to the gastronomic arts. A vegetarian and yoga practitioner, Chef Emmanuel takes a spiritual view of cooking as encompassing divinity, society, and the natural world, including one’s own body. His focus on health and wellness, emphasized in a menu with strong vegetarian leanings, is only matched by his devotion to freshness and quality in all the ingredients he uses. His global experience manifests in his culinary style – a harmonious blend of European techniques with subtle touches of Southeast Asia, bringing flavours to the fore, tantalising taste buds, and leaving one begging for more.