Welcome to Saint Pierre

Michelin-Star Fine Dining in Singapore

Headed by Chef-Owner Emmanuel Stroobant, Saint Pierre is one of the best Michelin restaurants Singapore of timeless elegance, advancing bravely into the future with dining excellence. Its superlative cuisine, beautiful interiors, and a team of talented chefs have escalated the restaurant into the echelons of international accolades. The modern French restaurant was awarded two stars by Michelin Guide Singapore in 2019. 

Saint Pierre is the story of Chef Stroobant – a culmination of his life’s search for self-knowledge. Here, Chef Stroobant leads you on his passage, through a sensual gastronomic dining experience, embodying his own journey and discoveries; where the art of fine dining is celebrated, and the rituals of the table are cherished and perpetuated.

At the heart of Saint Pierre lies essence-centric cuisine, the advanced extraction of concentrated, vital essences from the freshest natural ingredients to season dishes through the use of modern techniques and methods. Chef Stroobant’s global experiences manifest in his culinary style – a harmonious blend of European techniques with subtle touches of Southeast Asia, bringing flavours to the forefront of every dish.

Situated at One Fullerton with an impressive view of Marina Bay, Saint Pierre now seats an intimate 24 persons in the main dining room.