Set Lunch

3-course at $198 per person
~ Wednesday to Friday ~

choice of
second starter / main / dessert


4-course at $228 per person
~ Wednesday to Saturday ~

choice of
first starter / second starter / main / dessert

cheese supplement $38 per person
sharing portion: additional $18 per person


Please note that menus are subject to change due to seasonal availability of ingredients.

All prices are subject to service charge and prevailing government taxes.

French Fine Dining Set Lunch

A Midday Culinary Sojourn in Singapore

Indulge in a mid-day experience with Saint Pierre’s exquisite French fine dining set lunch in Singapore. Nestled at the iconic Marina Bay Waterfront, enjoy French culinary artistry, where each course is crafted with Chef Emmanuel Stroobant’s signature touch. Whether it’s an executive luncheon, a gathering with friends, or a solitary afternoon of gourmet indulgence, our set lunch promises a delectable affair to remember.

Guided by the Michelin-starred vision of Chef Emmanuel Stroobant, our menu is a nuanced tapestry of French culinary tradition and Asian flair. Every dish stands as a testament to Chef Stroobant’s harmonious mastery of techniques and flavours.

An Elegant Lunchtime Affair

Begin your gastronomic experience at Saint Pierre with the Amuse Bouche, a delightful introduction that sets the stage for the culinary delights to follow. Savour meticulously crafted main courses, such as the Basque Country wild turbot or the sumptuous Omi Beef, which are executed to bring their natural flavours to the fore. 

Complete your midday indulgence with a choice between the indulgently rich Manjari Chocolate or the tangy appeal of Kochi Dekopon.

Pricing Details

Enjoy a three-course set lunch ($198) experience, available on Thursdays and Fridays, or relish an extended four-course affair ($228), available from Thursday to Saturday. 

Perfect for business networking or a social catch up with friends, our fine-dining set lunch will leave an indelible impression on your palate.

Vegetarian Finesse

For diners who embrace plant-based eating, a dedicated vegetarian menu awaits. A reflection of Chef Stroobant’s inclusive dining vision, this menu illuminates the versatility and hidden potential of vegetables, fruits and grains.

Every dish spotlights in-season ingredients,  emphasising the beauty of harmonising with nature’s rhythms. Dive into an immersive culinary narrative rooted in nature and authenticity.

About Saint Pierre

Set amid the splendid panorama of Marina Bay at One Fullerton, Saint Pierre epitomises the pinnacle of French fine dining in Singapore. Our exquisite offerings showcase an unwavering dedication to authenticity and craftsmanship.

Go on an experiential culinary journey. 

Secure your reservation at Saint Pierre today, and let our team lead you through an elegant lunch experience.