Oh So Aromatic

To French fine dining chefs, black winter truffles are worth their weight in gold. Known as the black diamonds of the kitchen, this unique fungus is prized for its rich, nutty flavour and delicate aroma. Apart from their earthy, pungent aroma, the fact that these knobs of fungi cost upwards of S$6,700 a pound means that a little goes a long way. Also known as Perigord truffles, the black winter truffles are commonly harvested in various parts of Europe and Australia.

In particular, Australian black winter truffles are harvested between May and July while the European species can be found between November and February. Spotting a dark outer skin, the colour turns a deep brown colour with a chocolate marbling interior. A great way to enjoy this delectable mushroom is to shave it over pasta, salads or baked cheese. At Saint Pierre, Chef Emmanuel Stroobant incorporates the Perigord truffle as part of his vegetarian offerings, paired alongside the seasonal fiddlehead fern and wild mushrooms from the Jura Mountains. This decadent dish is finished with sauce Vierge, a French sauce freshly made from finely diced tomatoes, olive oil, fresh herbs, and a splash of lemon juice.

Furthermore, Saint Pierre offers a regular fully vegetarian French fine dining menu called “Elegance” to our guests. Truffles like those described above and other global ingredients are skillfully incorporated into various dishes, providing a luxurious and aromatic Michelin-Starred experience for vegetarian fine dining enthusiasts, all right here in the vibrant culinary landscape of Singapore.

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